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550463_343657789057245_93489475_nGod recreates the creation in us. He spoke and the universe burst into existence. The enormity, the sheer nuclear and cosmic expulsion of energy and life that gushed from His being is unfathomable. Light went forth from Him and never stopped. He is the gravitational power, the black matter, the Higgs-Boson that “relatively” holds all things together. He is that He is, which is why He said, “I am, that I am.”

Illuminating the Universe

The galaxies, the universes, the very breathe of life is but a grain of sand in His hand. This grain of sand, however, He chose to illuminate with His Spirit. Life poured into, pulsating and emanating day and night, evening and morning. Understand this galactic revelation, Jesus-both knowing where He came from, and where He was going-could astound us with such eternal words as “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.”

Capturing such revelation empowers us to reproduce it in our life. The Creator of all this decided to make us His home. This occurs when we in turn find our homes in Him. Thus our own words become His Words to the degree that we have been transformed by the renewing or our minds, a process called repentance.

The Heavenly Element

Any trace of the heavenly that is attached to our vocabulary, actions, and life makes that amount of vocabulary, actions, or life eternal. We are inter-immersed by His Holy Spirit. The very One Who, when God Spoke, carried out the act of creation, therefore revealing the Living element of God’s Word, who is Jesus.

This makes our prayers, our communication with Him, sublimely powerful. It makes, as I said moments ago, our words, His words. In the creation, we saw the magnitude of His words. They create, they change, they bring life. They can do all things. When we spend time in Jesus we build our house on an eternal rock that can never be moved, neither by time, nor eternity. We build something that last. Build your tomorrow by praying today. It will erect a house for you to live in there, which is built on a strong foundation. Earthly growth is a response to growth we’ve already obtained in heavenly places. Focus on cultivating your heavenly garden and you’ll bear fruit on the earth. You can go a thousand years into the future with one day you spend in prayer.

The more we pray, weight and faith is added to our words. Every encounter we have with God propels us into further ecstasy that boggles our minds to believe for more impossibilities. This takes us from killing lions and bears to killing giants, and freeing a generation.

All creation waits in eager expectation for the reveling of the sons of God. Romans 8:19

We when capture the supernatural essence of what prayer really is, then we see that every word, every communication with God is eternal and timeless. We impact those a thousand years in the future through living for God NOW!

In the following video, I share how I came across this idea through a prophetic word for a friend. Please take time to watch as I have only written half of the story, the other have is spoken in the video.