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I was just chatting with my friend Stevie about some thoughts that I had on fellowship, though not they way we have always heard it. This is a new perspective about how it is needed to build the church into an apostolic fellowship.

The core ring of a tree needs to be strong for the outer rings to develop. A tree is a flexible structure that grows and moves, yet is firmly planted. This is one aspect of the body of Christ, as it grows together in fellowship. This is how the body needs to grow.
When we spend time in fellowship with others, we see what is inside our hearts. When we speak, God will join it together. This is also an intimacy. It is a sharing of what is deep inside my heart with what is deep inside my brother’s. We can focus our conversation on what arises.
Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17
Iron sharpening iron has deeper meaning than simply accountability. It is pulling the depth of what God has been speaking to you and mixing it with the depth of what God has been speaking to me. This enhances it, and it also magnifies it. One=1,000 and two=10,000. One revelation is good, but the fellowship of revelations is 10,000 times better.
How could one chase a thousand and two put ten thousand to flight… Duet. 32:30
If God gives me yellow and He gives you blue, we will never see green unless we get together, and share what God has been speaking. Then we will see the greater picture that God has been painting. What first seemed like a small 5×7 painting was in reality a piece of a vast mural that God has been painting throughout eternity and time.
The image of the stars illustrates how we must have fellowship with one another to light up the section of time that God has given us to shine. It is a light that will not fade, but the glory thereof will grow brighter with eternity.