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I recently led a team from Bethel Atlanta to minister to youth groups in Montgomery, AL. God moved in Amazing ways. I am still getting reports of how impacted people were from the messages, prophetic ministry, and healings.

The first church we went to was right in the heart of Montgomery. After the worship time we went with the youth to an adjacent building. Joseph Blanchard, a Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry (BASSM) student set up the trip and introduced the team. Next Matt Pool, a 3rd year grad of BASSM shared the testimony of how he got healed and saved.

Matt was a teenager in Rio Dell California, and was invited by a youth pastor to go to a skateboard competition in Redding. Three days before going, Matt fell and broke his wrist. Needless to say he got it wrapped in a splint. On the way up there Scott kept telling Matt all kinds of supernatural testimonies. Upon their arrival, the janitor of the church noticed Matt had a splint on and asked if he could pray for him. Once he laid his hands on Matt’s wrist, the swelling went down and he was instantly healed.

Joseph Sharing

Telling a testimony like this rippens the atmosphere for healing and faith. Wonder turns into expectancy!

I then got up to share. We were in a long narrow room with the students seated around the walls and I was in the middle sharing the good news of heaven on earth. I talked to them out of Romans 8:19:

For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God.

I then compared how the sons of God who demonstrate God’s power are the superheros in the earth. I showed them that they were the supernatural ones creation eagerly longed to appear.

The Power to Heal

After the message, I asked if anyone had chest pain based on a word of knowledge I had received. A young lady raised her hand in the back. I then asked those around her to lay hands on her and for the room to stretch out their hands towards her as well.

I told them not to ask God to do something that he had empowered us to do, which was to heal her. If the Spirit dwells within us then so does the power to heal. They commanded the pain to leave her and she was instantly healed, no more pain!

One of the things God has put foremost on my heart is to see the stories in the Bible lived out in the lives of all believers. Once the young men and women see someone healed in their midst and translation occurs where the message of the Word of God goes from simply being a story into attainable reality.

After that I asked everyone in the room that needed healing in any area, no matter how small to lift their hands. Then the rest of us laid our hands on them and spoke the life of God to their bodies. Many were healed as a result. Ankles were healed and even an itchy head was healed. Many not only were encouraged by a good message they were also equipped to live out what had been preached to them. They were both instructed and activated.

We then went to a church to prophesy to some of the leaders, and gave them some really powerful prophetic words. This group then came with us to the night service in Prattville AL.

Testimonies Fuel the Atmosphere

This was a church plant so they did not have a building yet. We met in a car detail shop. It was amazing. There were two Harley-Davidsons up front. I actually used one of them as a pulpit-well, kinda.

Matt Praying

Once again Matt shared his testimony of being healed. When he concluded I asked if there was anyone there that needed healing in their wrist and a young man up front jumped up. Matt immeadiatley prayed for his wrist.

I continued to share on the kingdom through explaining that the Lord’s prayer was not just a few sentences to recite and repeat, rather that it is a lifestyle-a way of living and breathing and being. Then I asked who needed healing, and just like in the morning service, I had the rest of the people lay hands on them. After a few minutes, I asked those that had been healed to lift up their hands, and many hands went up all over the place. All I can say is that Jesus is amazing!

I went around the room allowing those to testify to what God had done. One gentlemen said that he was invited to come but almost didn’t. I don’t think he’d been to church in a while. He had prayed for the lady next to him and when he was finished he realized that he needed healing in his own knee, so he laid his hand on his knee. He instantly felt fire as it heated up and the pain went away. Others said they felt tingling in the spots they needed a touch from heaven. One young man’s heels were healed. I can’t even remenber all the healings that took place!

A lady that Matt prayed for said that she had 3 vertebrae in her neck healed as well and another young man was also healed of chest pain.

Fire Tunnel

I then proceeded to teach them about the fire of God, the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We finished the night in the same vein with a fire tunnel. We had everyone line up and walk through us as we laid hands on them and prayed for the Spirit to fill them. It was incredible. Many of the youth were laying on the floor after receving a blast from heaven. Not only were people healed they were changed and had a greater increase of heaven in their lives.