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6 Lies BookHey everyone, my great friend, Steve Bremner has just released his new and 1st book: Six Lies People Believe about Divine Healing. I strongly encourage you to get a copy for only $2.99. He is using the proceeds to fund his fast approaching wedding. As a missionary to Peru who lives almost entirely on support, funds for matrimony aren’t necessarily abundant. Here is someone who has given himself to make disciples in a nation that needs the love of Jesus and the influence and reign of the kingdom of heaven.

Over the years of blogging and podcasting with Steve, we have had many discussions on the subject of healing. In fact, I felt like he had such a biblical grasp on the subject that I recommended that healing be the topic of a future publicational direction.

Steve is an excellent writer, who will easily guide you through the subject in way that allows you to retain the information, and apply it to your life. Please don’t hesitate in supporting my friend today, and sparing just $2.99 for this amazing source of biblical inspiration.

Here is the link again, just in case you missed it!