We exist where worlds collide. We inhabit the dwellings of angels. We function in the midst of the supernatural and the celestial. We reside whereheaven meets earth. We are born of the Spirit (John 3). The Spiritual is our domain. Our address is registered in heaven (Ephesians 2). We have the keys to unlock the sands of time. Our destiny is demonstration of the power. Our call is heaven coming to earth.

Does this sound metaphorical? Does this sound like a dream? I could continue. Are you captivated, intrigued, or angered by these statements? I cannot even capture the essence of them derived from the Word, much less the amplitude of their fulfillment.

Some reserve things like this for the millennium. And yes, that will be grand. However, we have access to all the power of heaven here and now. Imagine such a walk, as Scott Thompson illustrates; that when you die “you don’t go anywhere,” because you already live in heaven here. Do you think that Enoch and Elijah may have figured something out? They did not die, they just transitioned from one reality to another.

Not only is heaven available here on the earth, it is by God’s design for the two to once again become one. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Sin created the separation of the two. Jesus sealed them back together through His love and by His blood. What are we doing? The Church is the body through which the kingdom of heaven is filling the earth. What I am trying to do is open our eyes to more. MORE! Even as Christians there is something inside us that cries out for more. We are created in His image and He is supernatural. Jesus Himself is the embodiment of both the elements of heaven and the elements of earth. In this life we can experience as much of heaven as we have the faith for. And through that we can captivate a generation with the love of God.

I am dreaming out loud here. Can you dream with me? Can we look together through the keyhole in the door and dare to believe for the absolute impossible, the astonishing, the things for which there are no words but our hearts seem to burn for?

This post is a continuation of my previous two posts: God Dares Us to Dream and Where Heaven Meets Earth. I feel that the surface is just starting to get scratched with the revelations of these matters. If we got just a small glimpse of all that God has for us pertaining to the heavenlies just in this life it would be overwhelming. I am trying to somewhat describe to you particles of vision the Lord has been unlocking to me for a decade. There is a place in God we can go that is awesome. Then we bring some of that awesomness and dish it out to our friends here on the earth.

We don’t quite realize how much apart of heaven we actually are. From day one of our salvation, we are spiritual beings. We are heavenly beings seated at the right hand of Jesus (Eph 2:6). The elements of earth are governed by the elements of heaven. Just as Jesus was a man filled with the Holy Spirit, the elements of heaven make up our being as well.

The moment we are saved we embark on a voyage and set sail on a discovery of God, searching out all things heavenly and finding out the secrets of the mysteries (1 Cor 2; John 3). Adventure is in our nature and drives us to find out what lies beyond the next hill.

Where is heaven? In the midst of those who believe. The beauty of heaven is that there is no substitute for its enchantment. All the other religions of the world are substitutes of this. None of them offer assurance and none offer an actual relationship with God. When heaven is in us they will there is greater reality and that they too can experience God, heaven on earth.

A church in an area where heaven meets earth is like a rock thrown into a small pond that causes a ripple effect that fills the whole pond from shore to shore. Imagine the magnitude of the impact of a meteor. Something of heaven meeting earth. The whole area would be affected by it. Everything would change.

Remember that God lives where heaven meets earth. God’s house is established in the demonstration of the kingdom in the area (Dan 2; 1 Cor 2). A church at its foundation is designed to be supernatural.

A house of God isn’t just supposed to be a place where people talk about Him and sing to Him and take up money for Him. It is supposed to be his dwelling. It is a fellowship of people connected to heaven. Our demarcation is His presence, His Spirit, and His power.

The sound of change is knocking at the door. Understanding and revelation have increased. Let the earth arise to the attention of the moment. Heaven and earth collision. More of God has been released into the atmosphere looking for more hearts to receive Him.

Just imagine what can happen when the possibilities of God–the furthest most unfathomable thing slides right underneath our feet like a galactic surf board that takes us from planet to planet in the firmament of His being.

For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God. 1 Cor 2:10

There is something stirring me about the vastness of space. Space, as big and ever expanding as it is, is just the door into the ultimate constitution of spectacular infinitive-ness, glorious and wonderous fathomability of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. May our visions of God be as David before Goliath. The earth will shatter at the sound of the dethroning of principalities because of the presence of Jesus in His people!

God’s heart is larger than worlds and vaster than oceans. He holds the universe in the palm of His hand. (The universe is His iPad) The magnitude of His grandeur is immeasureable. If we traced the expanse of the universe and all the beauty thereof, it would not even touch the infinite pleasure of the hem of His garments. God is much bigger than the universe and His desire is for us to explore Him. The mysteries we find there become food to the ones we are touching with His grace here.

Think of this post as a canvas with some paint on it. Something is beginning to emerge and yet still more is needed to make the understanding complete. I have shared today with you and tried to articulate something I have yet to grasp myself. My goal is to insipire you to dream with me, to open your eyes and take hold of all the heavenly things God has for us in Him.

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of His glory of is inheritance in the saints, and what is the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe. Eph 1:18-19a

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