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So this is a new season for me in many ways. First I have never been a blogger before, but I have recently felt such a tugging on my heart to begin to write out my thoughts, encounters, testimonies, etc.. So here we are with my first blog.

This blog will become a place for me to be real and honest with myself and God and hopefully encourage and sometimes entertain others along my journey to becoming a lover.

I thought I would start by telling you a little about myself, such as why I have chosen the name “A Lover’s Fire.” Hi, my name is Allessia Edwards and I am a lover. That is my current occupation, who I am and who I aspire to be. I didn’t realize how much that sums me up until I actually sit here and write it out. I originally wanted to title my blog site “The Life of a Lover,” which I titled my first blog instead. It was already taken. However, I feel like “A Lover’s Fire” is a better choice (thank you honey for your suggestion) because it is what I see it prophetically becoming.

The greatest passion and fire inside of me is to LOVE. To love my Jesus, to love my husband, my family & friends, and to love the hurting and unlovable ones. I want to be LOVE to people. When people look in to my eyes I want them to see a fiery love. When I touch someone, I want liquid love to flow on them.

What I feel I have been offered in such a great measure I want to freely give away. To be able to live this out I must also be able to receive love and have a full love tank at all times. I fill this love tank up with Presence. It’s that place in my relationship that is the most intimate. The place I go to experience a fierce passion. This is my intimate time with Jesus. When it is just him and me together, we laugh, we dance, sometimes we run through fields or jump on the clouds, but this is the place where true love begins. And as more time progresses and I have that time in His Chamber room, where I lay my head on His chest our two heartbeats become one.

This is the way to become Love. God is the definition of love and when you get to that place where your heart and His heart beat to the same rhythm you began to have his thoughts toward people, you began to see through his eyes of compassion, you begin to move and breathe that Love that becomes life in everything and everyone around you. This is my dream, my wholehearted desire, to become Love.