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Prophetic Actication

Revival History

Heavenly Encounters


The School of Revivalists (SōR) exists to activate and equip sons and daughters who will transform culture and pioneer kingdom family. We currently offer a trifecta of courses which makes up our 1st-year program:
  1. Revival History
  2. Prophetic Activation
  3. Heavenly Encounters
Courses may be taken at one of our Southeast regional events or hosted by your church or ministry. Each course is a 2-3 day workshop consisting of 8-12 hours of study.
Our approach is informational, experiential, and activational. We want you to experience what we teach and activate others as well.
We are currently developing online learning options, plus the second year program that will include courses such as Kingdom Family, Navigating the Presence, and Word of Wisdom.
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David & Allessia Edwards

Founding Directors, Instructors

Kayleigh Dahman

Operations, Instructor

Chris & Priscilla Jones