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Many of you are aware that I went to Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM), and later transferred to FIRE School of Ministry, where I graduated in 2001. The atmosphere of revival and Supernatural Expectancy there was amazing. It remains a demarcation in the way I live out my everyday life. I am 110% thankful for the years I spent in the Pensacola Outpouring and at Fire. The School of Ministry environment is a wonderful place to be equipped and activated for supernatural ministry. I had such a great time in this environment, that it was always my heart to either plant such a school or to join one that was already burning with fire that propels students into their callings.

It’s been over a decade since those eventful years. I have gotten my feet wet in “ministry” both in the church sense and in the workplace. May the separation of the two become even less! Ministry is ministry no matter where you are or what you’re doing, if the heart of God is shinning through your heart. I have had real life school of ministry, I guess you could say.

In 2010, Allessia and I began attending Bethel Atlanta Church. We had just concluded a season at an awesome church where we served as associate leaders (title is for role description). So we decided to drive down to Bethel just to get refreshed. Well, we never left. The refreshing never stopped so we moved to the area in order to join ourselves fully to the vision and body.

Almost immediately we started serving in any area we could. After a year we became senior high youth leaders, and served Immersed Youth Movement for the next year. It was amazing to see such youth burning for God and doing awesome supernatural things, even at young ages. I have shared some of the testimonies on this blog in the past.

After the year had concluded, I was asked to help out the following year at Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry. Wow! Yes! was my response. This was a dream fulfilled, to again be in the school of ministry lifestyle. I would become part of the 1st year team and help with prophetic activation, and wherever else I could be of service.

The school year commenced soon after, and I was brought back to when I first started. Orientation was awesome, but this time I was on the other side of the table, helping the students get set up. It was great to see the cheer, joy, and excitement on their faces. Anticipation filled the air as their hearts were bursting for what was to come.

In most places, orientations can seem boring. Not here, it was awesome. From day one we encourage the students in realizing their identities in Christ, which means treating them like kings and queens-seeing them as the royalty that they are.

At the time of writing this, it has only been two weeks since the semester began, and it feels like we’ve already been meeting for a couple of months. God has already moved in so many ways, and showed the students many different things. It’s like an unending conference of fun revelation.


The other night, I was in the 1st year staff prayer meeting which we have every night before classes begin, and the fire of God blasted the room. The owners of the building had just painted the room from green to orange. For me, that was rather prophetic. When I was at BRSM, the main auditorium was dubbed “the orange.” The fire of God was a big theme there, and the sanctuary had that color. God moved there almost every time we met. So have and “orange” prayer room is significant.

The prayer meetings before this night were good, but you just knew that the ice was about to break. This day we came in and one of the people in the room asked if we had seen the video of the “firenado.” A firenado is a fire tornado. This happens when a dust devil hits a flame. It’s a rare occurrence in nature. We watched it and felt like we should pray for a spiritual fire tornado to hit us. We grabbed hands and began to spin around the room and pray for fire. And yeah, it happened. Half of us ended up on the floor, I was shaking and vibrating as the Spirit moved powerfully within me. Others heard the commotion and rushed in to get some fire for themselves. The fire just seemed to intensify for a while, and soon we had to go into the adjacent sanctuary to start classes.

Needless to say, the fire was not put out just by changing rooms. The students watched as we entered the room with amazement.  Scott, the first year leader, had us go and pray for the students. The fire began to sweep across the room. Then he had everyone stand up to go find a place on the floor to really connect with God. After several minutes, spontaneous signing broke out. With no conductor, the whole room filled the sweet sounds of expressed hearts. It was harmonious and awesome. I had not heard anything like that since being in the thick of revival at Brownsville. Soon, Scott brought the mic around to different ones to share their songs with us. Each one was different and awesome.

This time took up the whole first session. God was moving and we simply skipped the planned class agenda. This was a common occurrence for me at ministry school as well. When He shows up, our agendas become His.

This all happened within the first two weeks, I can only imagine what else God has in store for us this year. It’s great to be in School of Ministry… Again!


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