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I just finished listening to this song and felt like this was the experience Daddy wanted me to share with you next. I wrote the words of this song just because I think they are awesome and I am totally relating to them right now. To me this song represents two of my favorite things, the Love of God and walking out the dreams inside you! I would recommend you google the song and listen to it. It my be good background music while you read my  blog. 🙂 So read on my dear friend.

God is Love

Jonathan David Helser

I will Dance on the chains of my circumstance, walk on the waves of the storm

nothing is impossible for those who believe that God IS love

God is love, God is love, I won’t be afraid, God is Love, God is Love, Nothing is Impossible

I will live out these Dreams He’s placed in me

Shout down These walls of fear

Nothing is impossible for those who believe that God is Love

I can scale a wall, I can move a mountain, I can slay the giants with you on my side

I can raise the dead, I can free the nations, I can Fly

This pretty much sums up how I feel right now. For so many years I have let my dreams die and I have lived out what I felt was the normal life. What I felt like was  expected  of me. This last year God has been raising my dreams from the dead and in the last month He has been pushing me out of the nest so that I begin to soar with these dreams.

 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give  you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, and He will do it.” Psalm 37:4

It’s all about that love relationship. When you are in a love relationship and you spend time together, you begin to enjoy the same things, have the same desires, dream your dreams together. Its the same your romance with Jesus. Don’t you realize how big his dreams are for you?

Here is a little exerpt from my personal Journal. It was a revelation I had during a church service I visited at a church I once attended.

“What does it mean to dream with God? I believe it is birthed out of intimacy and relationship with our creator. When our spirits unite,when our hearts beat in sync then I believe these dreams and desires in our heart our birthed in his heart. So for me to not go for my dreams would be for me to not fulfill God’s plans for me. I feel like He said that he would fulfill my wildest dreams and cause me to dream even wilder dreams.”

I have been dreaming with God for years now. In fact I carry around my dream book. Every time we get another “idea” or dream I write it in the book.

My intention is that every time We fulfill a dream then I will check it off my list and add another. I have to admit that I dream some pretty big dreams and for him to tell me that he will cause me to dream wilder dreams that’s almost mind boggling.

My Dreams

I will give you a few of my dreams some are just personal dreams I have and then there are my supernatural God dreams. Both are just as important to me and just as fun. I have over 100 written down, here are a few:

  • to have a family
  • to travel
  • to be debt free
  • to write books
  • to be given a crown jewel
  • to raise the dead
  • to fly
  • to have heavenly visitations
  • to see in the spirit
  • become a radical worshipper
  • help women discover their beauty
  • to make a significant impact on young people specifically ages 15-30
  • to be able to give away things all the time just for fun and have no finanical hinderences no matter the cost of the item the person needs.
  • For my home to be a dwelling place of His Spirit, a place where people who need encouragement can come and be filled with His Love.

My list goes on and on. These are seriously just a few that I chose to share at random. I believe with all of my heart that every single dream  I have and more will come true before I die. How can I be so confident? Because these are some of the desires of my heart and because I have chosen to delight myself in him and trust him to complete them. It all goes back to my favorite thing. It is His Love! He loves to display his love in our lives for everyone to see. Fulfilling our dreams is another facet of his love. He receives glory and honor from it. Its a relationship!!!

So I said all of this to say, Its time for you to resurrect your dead dreams!I speak to those dreams inside you and say WAKE up!!  The time is now! Release your dreams and begin to dream new dreams with the God who created the universe. It is wildly fun and he enjoys dreaming with you just as much as you enjoy dreaming with him.

Dream and Run with It! I promise He will be running right beside you!

….. The zeal of the Lord of Hosts will do this. Isaiah 9:7