So yeah, I was going to take somewhat of a hiatus from blogging since I fired out several in a row. Well, I have a few moments here so I thought I would just write and see what happens. The goal in the break from blogging was to spend some time compiling a book, so if you are a publisher reading this, by all means publish mine!

Today I listened to the podcast entitled What is a Prophetic Culture? twice. It is a discussion between myself, Steve Bremner, and Miguel Jackson. Steve you know if you follow Fire On Your Head with any regularity, and Miguel you will hopefully get to know. He is a Catalyst at our church, Bethel Atlanta. He has a heart for the Father, for community, and equipping others in the prophetic. Even though I was part of the conversation on the podcast, I was immersed with new thoughts and revelations while listening. So this is some of those and we will see where we end up. [By the way, if you have not yet listened to the podcast then stop now and listen, some of the stuff I cover will make more sense if you do, cheerio.]

Prophetic Prodigy

I want to start with the title: Prophetic Prodigies. Such a statement to me is almost too profound to even begin to expound upon. So many thoughts and considerations hit my mind at the mention of such a statement. Pecularly enough, I stumbled across this statement while prophesying to a young lady we will call Saga. She is 15 years old and the amount (for lack of a more descriptive term) of the depth of God I saw in her was mind blowing. Even to look into her eyes was prophetic. It was like seeing the things past being fulfilled by the things to come in the present in her. You knew that Jesus lived in her for His personality and gifts were shinning through her. The word the Spirit spoke to me for her to describe all of this was prophetic prodigy.

Well that opened up something, as I mentioned some in the podcast. You here of prodigies in music, arts, and sports. What about prodigies in the church? Young people in our midst tapping into things as they are fathered and raised at young ages that bring revelation to the Body of Christ and advance the kingdom of heaven in their generation.

This is not a new concept. I was at the first Call in Washington DC in 2000. Lou Engle’s son was praying like this: “Lord, raise them up at 12 instead of 21.” Woa! How powerful. I heard it, then being 20, and now 10 years later I finally saw it in a 15 year old girl and was absolutely stunned. I heard it and grasped it but seeing it was an entirely different story. His son was 12 by the way when he prayed that.

Our young people are supposed to be empowered. Imagine what David felt after Samuel poured all that oil on his head as a young man. Purpose, faith, excitement, future, and calling I am sure flooded his soul. He had something to live for, and more than that, it was something for God. His call was not limited to this life or this generation, it was a call for the ages. His life from that point on was being driven by that prophetic word. Part of him growing up, him relating to others, relating to God, was all now focused as a beam of light through the prism of that prophetic word.

I got saved at 17. I can only imagine what it would’ve been like to receive a prophetic word like that at a young age. Even the word I gave Saga as a “prophetic prodigy;” if someone told me that, man! I would have given my life to that, to fulfill that, to learn about that, to become that word which was spoken over me.

Akiane is a child binary genius. At 8 years old she painted a masterpiece called Prince of Peace. She has an amazing story of God speaking to her as a little child. If you have not heard of her, follow the link and you will be astonished. Her paintings and testimonies, along with the word for Saga, has opened up a whole new understanding to me of operating in the things of God at young ages. I believe this may be part of the reason why Jesus guarded them and had them come unto Him. He knew the prophetic potential that brewed within them and was jealous to preserve it.

Age is not the centrality of  the matter. To become a prophetic prodigy is to find God in a new way. Everyday is new, everyday is closer to His coming, so everyday we have the opportunity to see a part of Him never seen before. If you can capture that, it is like reading fine music. Without haring it the sound of the symphony echoes through the corridors of your mind and spirit.

Prophetic Shift

I feel that we have yet to perceive what those who are either prophets or live a prophetic life will look like in fullness. As the prophetic essence is restored and, in-turn, actively fulfilled in the church, our understandings of such things will shift. Who is a prophet? What is the prophetic? What is prophesy? Do we have the answers? Are they based on a preconceived notion from some experience or teaching? My goal is not to answer all of these questions but to cause ask to ask ourselves and consider the definitions we entertained.

Sometimes mentioning the prophetic gives us the mental image of a crazy Old Testament Prophet. I do want to say that a NT prophet is not an OT prophet. NT prophets are builders. They build up those around and equip them. So speaking life into someone edifies or builds them up. We are given the gift of prophecy just as we are given the gift of speaking in tongues. It is ours. The Spirit of Jesus lives in us and we have the ability to flow in the gifts at will. Many of us do believe that we can speak in tongues whenever we want, at the drop of a hat; but when it comes to prophecy, we think it is different and that the Holy Spirit has to give us the “utterance.”

In speaking with a friend on this issue we came up with a good example. If the gift of prophesy represented my cell phone and it was in pocket, the stance that you can only prophecy when the Spirit is moving is like saying my phone only works when someone calls me. It rings and vibrates letting my know that someone is trying to reach me on it. That is part of its function, however, I can also pick it up and dial the number and make a call myself. It is not just a receiver, it goes both ways. I can prophesy when the Spirit comes on me in a mighty way, or I can use the gift He has given and prophesy freely. In the OT the Spirit had to come on them, but now (Acts 2) the Spirit has been poured out on ALL flesh and we are able to prophesy at will.

This may sound lofty and offensive to you, but I am trying to give us new lenses to view prophesy from. We have the power and authority to prophesy at “the drop of a hat,” because that was Jesus’ desire. Just as we grow and develop in speaking in tongues we can also grow and develop in speaking in prophesy. If Jesus, or even Paul was in our midst, we would have no problem believing that they could prophesy in mere moments to us. If Jesus was here we would all expect Him to be able to give a word in 30 seconds; so why do we think that if we challenge ourselves to do that it is fromulating a false prophecy?

The view of the role of the prophetic is shifting. It is rocketing into a realm that is available but few can believe. Get prophecy out of our mind and we will be used in awesome porphetic ways and see prophetic words in capacities we never dreamed of. God can speak to us through anything but we must have the perception to attain that. Miguel described unorthodox ways in the podcast of hearing God’s voice: Getting a prophetic word based on someone’s shoe and prophesying while blindfolded. This sounds crazy but the point was to get the person to hear from God and not rely on appearance. This is building a community that is not afraid to prophesy. They may not be perfect but the heart is hungry for the realities of all the kingdom of God has to offer to be present in their midst, in their being.

One of the things that I said in the podcast was that we [ie] the church is so afraid of strange fire that they won’t let the real fire burn. We fail to realize that the real fire will burn up the strange fire. Lets go for it. If we ask for bread the Father will not give us a snake, and if we ask to operate in the prophetic, He will not give us divination.

There is a new breed of prophetic prodigies in the earth. The have eyes to see that generations passed have not known. They will be builders and settlers for the kingdom in both new geographical regions and in new heavenly realities. When we unbox the prophetic we will start to see in new ways, and operate in all the gifts on new levels. The gifts of the Spirit are available to all of us to use at our disposal because out of our relationship with Him, we are by default alive in His will for this hour.

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