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13055342_10154046576216963_5228551752662587929_nWelcome to our Partners Family. Here you will find helpful information about how to support our ministry.

Our passion is to connect people to the heart of God. Our time is dedicated to helping exand the Kingdom of God, reach the lost, and euip the church. You can find out more about our ministry here. Read below to find out how you can support our ministry family and become a Spokesman for Revivalism. There are three Partner Programs to choose from, as well as the opportunity to make a one-time gift.


Trumpeters take up the cause of Revivalism with a one-time gift. This will help us in all areas of the ministry and in our family.


Spokesman Partners help to nurish Revivalism. This helps us with the day-to-day activity, planning, and continued ministry.


Emissary Partners help to grow Revivalism. This includes providing income and sustainability, giving us the freedom to carry the torch of revival to our generation.


Ambassador Partners help us expand Revivalism. They help us build toward the future and dream. They also help our family through providing seasons of rest and loving ourselves well, and building a legacy for future generations.

  • Phase-One

Presently, we have three ways to give:

  1. Manual Credit Transaction – All transactions are sourced through Click here for One-Time Gift options, or to become a monthly supporter. If you would like to support Revivalism on a monthly basis, please specify in the payment form. After your initial gift, you will be charged the amount selected the first week of the following month. If you would like to cancel your monthly support, please email
  2. Paypal – If you have paypal and would like to make a one-time gift, click here.
  3. Mail – You may mail us a check or cash to: David W Edwards, 15 Treetop Ln, Newnan, GA, 30265

This is the foundation phase of our ministry in-which we are raising support to develop a future NGO or 501c3 organization (or join established org.) to facilitate our vision of global revival. We are also using donated resources as we transition into full-time ministry. All donations in the phase will be seen as “love gifts,” as we still organizing means for non-profit/charitable giving. Revivalism does not have tax-exempt status. Once the support has been raised to help us sustain these two areas, we will begin development of Phase-Two.

Tax-deductable Donations

If you would like to give a tax-deductable donation, this option is available through a connected ministry. To find out more, please email

  • Phase-Two 

Our next phase will be a NGO/501c3 (idependent or member of an established org). Here we will facilitate charitable giving through one of the aforementioned entities. Our goals here are to build financial resources to have a greater impact through ministry, media, and helping other ministries and organizations. All funds raised will support us as a ministry as well as develop ways to increase revenue through book sales, media, etc.

Thanks so much for helping us build our dreams and see worldwide revival!