If you need wings, need to fly, God will give it in that moment. There is a momentum in the earth. It is gaining speed and it cannot be stopped. Anything you need will be given in that moment; words, power, air, or wings. Life is yours to live. Therefore live out as creation and fulfill it by creating anything you need for the kingdom, in the Spirit, in the name of Jesus.

Go ahead and be a dreamer. Your dreams, no matter how grand, how impossible, are not as big as the thoughts the Father thinks everyday towards us. Expand your vision across the galaxies and explore the magnitude of the eternal. We are here to bring those discoveries to the earth. The kingdom of heaven comes to the earth through the church. And we must lift our visions to make the impossibilities into realities.
We knew that the universe was big. When the Hubble telescope was built it took our understanding of this to an entirely knew level. We began to see things we had never seen before.
So Lord raise our vision of your revelation. Make us telescopes through which people can peer into another realm. Your so high and awesome yet so near and tenderly merciful. Guide us as we steward the mystery of who You are to the creation. Open our eyes and propel us forward with a new momentum that forever increases in the fulfillment of your heart. Amen.