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This past weekend we helped to lead a ministry trip with Immersed Youth Movement to Selma, Alabama. Selma is just west of Montgomery is known for the 1965 Voting Rights Movement and it’s Selma to Montgomery marches.

Turn the Monument into a Movement

This is the first time we visited the city. I knew it was a major player in the civil rights movement but I did not know the details. As I was praying about the trip the Lord impressed me that what had started out in the city as a movement ended up as a monument. The city was living out of the identity of a movement that had long sensed passed, and now it was nothing more than a monument to what happened before. In order for them to go forward, they need to turn the monument back into a movement. Before they fought for civil rights, now they must fight for heavenly rights. This is the right to worship in the freedom the allows for the culture of heaven to become the culture on earth in Selma.

Interestingly, when we got to the city via crossing over the Alabama River, there was a monument the was signifying the “Selma Movement.” This confirmed to me the above word that I feel God was speaking to the area, and I did have a chance to share this with the church whom invited us to the city.

Words of Knowledge & Healing

During the service that night, the Lord gave me several words of knowledge about healing. Some of them were impressions in my mind and others were physical feelings I got in my body that indicated to me what people were dealing with and that the presence of God was there to heal.

During the transition I was able to share these words with the congregation. I called out back pain, jaw pain, pain in the side that made breathing uncomfortable, and other areas as well.

I asked those who were dealing with any of these things to lift their hands and had those around them speak and declare healing in their bodies, in Jesus’ name. After this I asked those who could notice a difference to raise their hands and tell me what happened.

The first girl said that she had back pain and TMJ. The back pain was gone and when she tested her mouth, there was no popping, indicating that the TMJ was also healed, praise Jesus.

Next was a girl who had Scoliosis. She said that she used to to gymmastics but could not continue because of back pain. While everyone was praying, I looked over and saw her doing back bends. Now she testified that her back straigtened,  the pain was gone, and that she too was healed.

Finally, another young lady who had raised her hand said that she had pain in her side that felt like knives when she breathed in. My wife and another lady from our youth group prayed for her, and she was healed! No more breathing pain. Jesus is Alive and He is Healer!

During a time of prophetic ministry by our youth, several exact words of knowledge were given to the congregation that had a real impact on those in attendance. Also, our youth pastor, Chris Oliver deliver a powerful message on impacting the area with a heaven on earth culture.


The next morning the team did ministry at a boy’s home. This is a place they are sent to correct behavior before incarceration. Amazingly, 12-15 boys were saved and came into a personal relationship with Jesus. Many others came for ministry and we spoke life into the dreams in their hearts.

Overall it was an amazing weekend of fun and ministry, and the most rewarding part was seeing the young generation activated in the power of the Gospel.

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