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The letter to the Ephesian believers is a vast treasury of wealth and knowledge containing the riches of the spiritual realm. It insrtucts us with the influence and power that the church, the fellowship of believers, has as an inheritence in the heavenly places. And it is a declaration of the fullfillment of the times in the church attaining to the presribed calling and being in the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ.


This is the first of a series of blogs that will contain a study I did a while back outlining key points in Ephesians. This is an exegetical study, one where we go either verse by verse or section by section through the book, and summarize the conclusions derived from the sections in context with the theme of the study.


Ephesians is a deep revelation knowledge that only gets deeper and harder to understand, it seems, the more of it you understand and have revelation of it. In other words; this is a deep and radical book that reveals mysteries. And the more that the mysteries are revealed, they lead to even more of them.

Ephesians is a revelation of what, how, and why the church is. This manuscript reveals Jesus’ plan for His church in the earth and in the supernatural realm. I feel that the first three chapters describes who the church is and what she is called to do, and the second three chapters describe how to attain to this calling and identity. Essentially I feel the letter to the Ephesians is vital in the understanding of the church, the direction we must go, in order to get where we are called to be. Therefore I have entitled this study; The Mystery of the Church.


Acts 19 describes when the apostle Paul first came to Ephesus. This is background and context for understanding his intent in the letter which he would later right to them.

There were disciples in the city of Ephesus but they had only received John’s baptism. Paul preached Jesus to them and they believed and were baptized in His name. Next, Paul laid his hands on them and they were filled with the Holy Spirit (vv 1-6). And now a church has been planted in the city.

Paul and his 12 disciples (v 6) began the work of the kingdom in the city. God began to move in very powerful ways. Handkerchiefs that had touched Paul’s body were being brought to the sick and healing them while driving out the evil spirits. The people of the city brought their magic books together and burned them and the word of the Lord was growing mighty and prevailing (20).

To say that this church started in revival would be an understatement. This is a fellowship that knows the power of God and the function of a church in the midst of a society that is steeped in witchcraft. They were able to overcome these things in their foundation as a church.

These are the same people Paul is communicating with in his letter and this will help us understand the context better. He is writing to believers who are filled with the Holy Spirit, on fire with God, healing the sick, driving out demons, and overcoming witchcraft!

In Ephasians 1, he hits the ground running right away in his description of heavenly places. Even though he is not there, he knows they are still in the midst of this supernatural battle and encourages them that in this place, they are blessed (see verse 3).

For more background and information, you can read any commentary, also read Revelation 1-3, where Jesus writes his own letter to the church at Ephesus. I have omitted most refrences due to the avoidence of copyright issues as well as the fact that I want to keep this study interstesting and moving, not to be bogged dow with too much information.

So, we have our context set up to begin going through the book. My aim is to post 1 blog per week on the chapters. Each chapter will consist of 1 or 2 entries, so check back regularly for updates.

I pray that this will be a blessing to you, with a fresh outlook on a deep and rich portion of Scripture that many of us cherish and admire, as with all Scripture.


These are notes of mine compiled while doing a study of Ephesians at our church. This is not a dogmatic declaration, but one of many views of Ephesians. I am sharing these notes will all because my heart burns for theses things. Feel free to do with them as you like in a way that benefits the kingdom and builds you up. I trust the authorship will remain as it is. Feel free to copy and study, however, copying in any name other than the author is prohibited. If you would like to receive a notebook with all of the notes you may email me at

[This study is influnced by the leaders who have taught and influenced me; particularly Robert Gladstone of Fire School of Ministry. Many details in these notes I learned direclty from his classes, messages, and

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