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Radical Purity

Radical Purity is a practical guide to the “Why” and “How” of purity. Inside you will discover:

+ How to Live from the Pure Source—Jesus
+ The Purpose and Power of Purity
+ The Dangers of Impurity
+ Practical Steps to Protect Purity
+ A Radical Approach to Purity that Includes
Defensive and Offensive Strategies

PLUS: David Edwards reveals how to be transformed from the inside-out. This approach gives the strength to rise after bouts with impurity, and the relief of lasting victory. Therefore, the aim of this manual is to spark true freedom and radical purity!


Activating a Prophetic Lifestyle

Have you ever wanted to hear God’s voice? In this simple manual, David Edwards shares different ways God prophetically speaks to His childrern through: dreams and visions, glimpses and gazes, trances and ectasies, thoughts and imaginations.

Learn how to activate the Prophetic Gifts and live a Prophetic Lifestyle! Each chapter builds as you discover the components of a prophetic word: Revelation, Interpretation, and Application. Next, you’ll study the revelatory gifts: Prophecy,Words of Knowledge &Wisdom.

Become a prophetic light and voice to your generation by revealing Heaven’s blueprint and design for creation.


The Call for Revivalists

This Book is currently being revised and updated. Check back soon for the release.

The Call for Revivalists is a manual for this generation to rise in the supernatural call of God on their lives. Learn how to develop a lifestyle of living day to day in the power of God, walking in signs, wonders, and miracles. Be equipped in hearing God’s voice, and activated in communicating His love to the world through the prophetic. Discover how to creatively express God’s heart and fulfill your dreams.

“The Awakening of a Generation, The Emergence of the Supernatural, The Sound of Revival
Jesus said They Would do Greater Works, This is their Mantle, this is their Call. So Rise Mothers, Rise Daughters, Rise Fathers, Rise Sons, Rise Revivalists!”