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David & Allessia Together

David and Allessia Edwards are revivalists who ignite passion for the presence of God and heavenly encounters. Their vision is to transform culture via kingdom family. Their heart is to father and mother a generation of revivalists who know their identity in Christ, demonstrating the divine love and supernatural power of God. They have been in ministry over 20 years.

Allessia Edwards

Allessia Edwards has a passion for people and heart for advancing the Kingdom with the message of Love and Intimacy.  Allessia carries the heart of a pastor and loves to connect people with their identity. She co-authored Revivals and Revivalists with David. She also teaches Revival History at Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry (Bassm).  Allessia is the Communications Director at Global Mission Awareness (GMA), where she serves her spiritual papa, Leif Hetland.  She has been a Bethel SOZO minister since 2011, serving on the regional training team (SOZO).  Allessia is a graduate from Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry (Bassm) and Bethel Atlanta School of Arts.

David Edwards

David Edwards is an author, pastor, teacher, and revivalist. He speaks at churches and conferences, igniting passion for supernatural Christianity. His life vision is to awaken, equip, activate, and commission the sons and daughters of God who will revive the cosmos, demonstrate the love and power the Kingdom of God, and release the fullness of Heaven on Earth. He works in Research and Development for Leif Hetland of Global Mission Awareness (GMA) and recently served as the Evangelism Chairman for the Reinhard Bonnke Atlanta Gospel Crusade (Cfan). Dave teaches Revival History at Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry (Bassm), where he has served since 2012. His books include The Call for Revivalists, Activating a Prophetic Lifestyle, Radical Purity, and more.  In 2001, he graduated from Fire School of Ministry (FIRE), Cum Laude, with an Associate Degree in Practical Ministry.


David and Allessia are connected with several ministries, churches, and networks. Their spiritual family is the Global Mission Awareness team (GMA), where they serve Leif Hetland and the Kingdom Family Movement (KFM). They are also a part of the Global Legacy network. In the Southeast Region, they have relationships with several churches including Bethel Atlanta, Resurgent Atlanta, Father’s House Augusta. With close friends and churches in Birmingham, Alabama including Canvas Church and Arise Birmingham, they are members of Birmingham Apostolic Network (BAM). They are members of International Young Prophets (IYP). David also maintains a relationship with Fire Church and Fire School of Ministry.