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Transforming Culture | Igniting Revival

David & Allessia Edwards

Revivalism is the ministry of David & Allessia Edwards. David ignites passion for the presence of God and heavenly encounters. Allessia has a heart for advancing the Kingdom with the message of Love and Intimacy. They share at gatherings, churches, and conferences.

Speaking Engagements

They speak at gatherings, churches, and conferences igniting passion for supernatural Christianity and creating a culture for Kingdom Family.

Activaton Workshops

They conduct onsight workshops of their Revivalist courses including Prophetic Activation, Revival History, Heavenly Encounters, and Navigating the Presence.

School of Revivalists

Transforming Culture, Activating Revivalists, Pioneering Kingdom Family

Kingdom Culture

Kingdom Leadership

Kingdom Apprenticeship

Supernatural Encounters

David Edwards shares a testimony of the wind of God blowing through both Walmart and Ross as God gently heals two ladies dealing with ankle injuries.


Transforming Culture | Igniting Revival